Meet the team

Coy E. West, Jr.

Coy West, founded  Cen-Tex Forensic Consultants in 2005  as a licensed:

* Private Investigator

* Polygraph Examiner

* JPCOT Treatment Polygraphs Examiner

* Master Peace Officer

 * Jailer

* Court Authorized Civil Process Server

After 13 years of experience in Private Investigation and administering Polygraph Examinations, he has experience in:

* Assisting in Jury selection

* Testifying as a Witness

* Working with Local, State and Federal Agencies 

*Coy  has 27 years law experience, including:

* Being hired as a Jailer and being promoted to Deputy, Sergeant, and Lieutenant, to Captain and Chief Deputy at the Hill County Sheriff's Office. 

His last commision was for three years with the now retired Hill County District Attorney.

Coy attained an Instructor's License, Has a Degree in Criminal Justice, Instructed in College, both academically and as a State Licensing approved instructor in Law Enforcement and the Texas Department of Corrections

* He has over 4000 total hours of training in:

Laws, Ethics, Special Investigation, Tactical Operations, Sniper Instruction, Undercover Operation and Management, Surveillance, Management, Supervision, and Budgeting, and

* Has completed over 1000 hours in the field of Polygraph Examination both on the state and federal level.

His unique, diverse skill set is the result of a culmination of experiences -- working with and learning from local, state and federal officers, while investigating and supervising state and federal offenses, including:

* Theft assault, aggravated assault, Sexual Assault, Narcotics, Kidnapping, Extortion, Bank Robbery, Homicide, and Capital Homicides, on both the State and Federal level.

He has received National and State awards and formal recognition during the course of his career and is proud of his many accomplishments, while

* Handling narcotic canines;

* Being an Investigator assigned to a joint State and Federal narcotic Task Force that investigated and tracked narcotic cultivation, narcotic, manufacturing, and narcotic distribution from outside the United States, in and across the State of Texas, into it's final state(s) of distribution;

* Being assigned to the United States Marshall's Office, Fugitive Task Force which tracked  and arrested both state and federal fugitives;

* Being  dual certified as an United States Customs Officer which investigated land, water, and airborne vehicles entering the United States for narcotic smuggling and illegal immigration trafficking into the United States;

* Being recognized by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration for work accomplished on the state and Federal                                                   levels.         

Since becoming a private polygraph examiner Coy  has established and maintained  several Polygraph contracts in both the private and government sectors.

His latest achievement is having been elected to the Texas Association of Polygraph Examiners (T.A.P.E.) board in 2016.                                                     

Bob Wilkerson

Bob Wilkerson joined Cen-Tex Forensic Consultants in January of 2016  as a licensed:

* Private Investigator

* Master Peace Officer

*JBCC certified Process Server

* TCOLE Certified Firearms Instructor

* TCOLE Certified Instructor

* Bob has over 35 

years of Law Enforcement experience, including:

* Texas Highway Patrol

* Narcotics Sergeant

* Commander of the multi-county Agriplex Drug Task Force

* Texas DPS Lieutenant 

* Captain of District 1C  with the Texas DPS Narcotics Service

* Bob achieved a 100% Federal conviction rate.

* Has over 4000 hours of specialized training in Statutes, Ethics, Investigations, General Law enforcement, Management  and Supervision, Administration, Crisis Intervention, Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratory Investigation, Sexual Harassment investigations, as well as numerous Enforcement Operational aspects.

* Bob developed a unique knowledge and skill set during his career, while

* Conducting and Supervising State and Federal Investigations including, narcotics, homicides, robbery, theft, assault, Smuggling by Land, Air and Sea and long term conspiracies.

* He has established a diverse network of contacts  during his career, with cases that span throughout the

* United States

* Puerto Rico

* The Virgin Islands

* Mexico

* He has provided testimony in both State and Federal court as an Expert witness regarding Search and Seizure, Search Warrant Affidavits and preparation, Clandestine Laboratory, Air Smuggling and Criminal Conspiracy investigations. 

* He has conducted investigations ranging from street level undercover purchases to large scale conspiracies, sometimes requiring years to complete.

* Bob was one of the first recipients of the Texas DPS Purple Heart award upon its creation (wounded in the line of duty).

* Bob has received numerous awards and recognitions for his work from

* The United States Customs Service

* The Drug Enforcement Administration 

* The United States Attorney's Office

* The Texas DPS 

* The Criminal Justice Division, Office of the Governor

* Numerous state and local agencies. 


Another asset Bob brings to C.T.F.C. clients is his intricate knowledge of the insurance business. After his retirement from Texas DPS, Bob worked for a major insurance company conducting investigations into possible fraudulent claims. 


Since joining C.T.F.C. Bob has already established himself in the field of Corporate Investigation while working on major cases such as Patent Infringement, Liability Suits, Trade Secret Frauds and Theft.